Why this is the time to get a website redesign


Technology and design are very dynamic, and so is the modern day business environment. Always ensure that your website keeps up with current changes that create opportunities online. This is the only way to take full advantage of the online space. At times there is a reluctance to outlay all expenses incurred during web design. If performed correctly, redesigning your website can bring about a high return on investment. Listed below are five reasons one must consider before performing a website redesign.

Why this is the right time to get a website redesign

Outdated CMS or website technology

gghgfhfghfghfghTechnology progresses fast. Unfortunately, many website content management systems and platforms lag behind. Websites build on older technology have limited choices for editing as newer features pop up. Such websites remain vulnerable to unwanted hacks and security breaches. Websites designed on contemporary, progressive and flexible platforms are adaptive to technology and offer greater security.

An old and outdated website design

The first impressions are always important. A lot of research shows that it takes a few seconds to get the full attention of an online user. So in this short window period, you must have conveyed enough value to keep them engaged further. The display quality of your website is a direct indication of your business image. Ensure that your website looks contemporary, fresh and professional. If your website appears old, there is a high chance that the user experience will be poor.

A website that is not mobile-friendly

A good number of consumers access information or services through their mobile phone devices. Smartphone users want to get the information fast and are very receptive to mobile-intelligent features such as click-dialing. Recently the number of online users using mobile phones overtook that of PCs. This means that businesses which only deliver desktop versions of their website are losing a great deal of business due to frustrations involving accessibility.


Change of business focus

fhfghfghfghfghfghOver time business goals change. The best aspect of new technology is having the ability to shift focus while supporting this changes. Online reviews, social media, cloud applications, lead management systems and mobile websites were hardly in existence a decade ago. Businesses that want to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s market need to capitalize on better ways to deliver their service or products. If you are unable to redesign your website to integrate with the latest technology, keeping up with new technology becomes difficult.


Your website should be a fundamental pillar of your business. It should receive attention and resource allocations for its upkeep. Ensure that your website evolves as your business grows and technology changes. Having your website redesigned is not enough. More information on website redesign is available online and details what the old sites are missing out on. In the online community, only the adaptive survive.…