Cocktail mixology

Skilled mixologists are always amazing and often make you think that mixing different cocktails is a highly skilled art only cut out for the selected few. Their swiftness with bottles, done with seemingly with no effort leaves you wondering if you can be able to fix any homemade cocktail. For those who were wondering how to mix cocktails for fun or think of expanding your home bar drink choices to surprise your friends, here are a few tips on how to mix cocktails.

Stick to recipes

It is recommendable that visit in order to pinpoint ideal recipes fro your mixology as well as hire a mobile bar But you can also get one from reputable cocktail mixing sites found on the Internet. Most cocktail sites offer you good recipes with which you can work with.


Consistently use the finest ingredients available. Use high-quality spirits, well-branded mixers, fresh from farm fruits and freshly squeezed juices. When you use fresh fruits and juices your cocktail will always test great.

Measuring of ingredients

Expert mixologists can freely pour their cocktail ingredients directly into the mixing jar. However, this technique is very challenging and takes a while to master. Mixing step by step while measuring your ingredients will not look as stylish, but getting the correct measures for your ingredients will get you a better result. Use a well-labeled measuring jar for accurate measuring.


Whenever you are pouring ingredients into the mixing jar, you should hold bottles by the neck. This gives you better control of the bottle, thereby making it easier to pour the right measure into the mixing jar.

Ice cubes

You should add lots of ice cubes to the mixing jar before shaking. Adding ice cubes at the start will give the ice cubes chance to melt and mix well in your cocktail, it is recommended to get your ice cubes in the jar before other ingredients.

Shake Well

Make sure that you shake your cocktail until the mixing jar becomes cold. You should shake it hard so that it blends perfectly.


As you well understand fresh fruits and juices vary in sweetness thereby different cocktails need to be fine-tuned differently you need to get the perfect test for your cocktail using extra citrus juice or sugar syrup. You should always taste your complete prepared cocktail to feel whether it is ready to serve. You can do this hygienically using a straw to siphon a little of the cocktail.…