How To Boost Your Child’s Self-esteem


A positive sense of self is a great gift to give to a kid. Children who have high self-esteem normally feel competent and loved hence develop into productive and happy people. To build your kid’s self-image when they grow you need to know what to do.

Ways of boosting your kid’s self-esteem


Give them choices

Giving your kids choice within reasonable sets of options that you select can help make them feel empowered. At breakfast, for instance, you can offer the child pancakes or eggs. Learning to make such choices when young helps to prepare children for difficult choices that they will face later in later.

Avoid doing everything for them

You should be patient but let them work out things for themselves. Let your preschoolers dress so that they learn new skills. The more they do this, the more confident and competent they feel.

Avoid giving them insincere praises

Children are usually good at identifying insincere praises and baseless compliments. Praise you kid often but specific with you compliments for your words not to become hollow. For example, you can react to your kid’s like, “I love the drawing. You included even daddy’s beard.” Instead of saying, “wow, you are the best artist.”

Avoid using sarcasm when making a point

You should take care not to belittle your kid’s feelings. When you are annoyed, take a break to help you not say something that you will regret. As a parent, you should keep it in your mind that you can hate your child’s behavior without hating the child. Ensure you illustrate this difference to the child.

Assign your child age-appropriate chores

Giving your children tasks to like folding laundry, setting the table or walking the dog to perform is vital. It will increase the child’s feeling of competence and enhance their skills on problem-solving. Also encourage them to take courage when doing anything.

Teach them that nobody is perfect

You should explain to your child that nobody is perfect and no one expects them to be perfect. How you react to your kid’s disappointments and mistakes determine the way, they react.

Spend time with your kid one-on-one

parentingspendingtimeabsndjfkbWhether you are taking a ride on a bike or grabbing something to eat, try to get some time alone with the child once a week at least. This gives you a chance to talk to them about what is on their minds and enhance the bond between you two.

It is important to help build your child’s self-esteem that when they grow, they become bold and confident people in the society.